About David

As an artist
David Hambridge is a commercial + documentary filmmaker currently based in NC.  Currently, David is directing the documentary film “The Last Male Standing” (thelastmalestanding.com) – for more information, media inquires, or questions, email the team at info@thelastmalestanding.com

His interest lies in honest, intimate storytelling that focuses on the simplicity of human nature. His style relies heavily on an intuitive approach towards filming his subjects—with the principle of giving time and respect to gain it.

His body of work consists mostly of commercial shoots, directing documentary assignments abroad, and editorial work on various Discovery television shows.  David most frequently directs/shoots/edits web-videos for large corporations to homegrown local companies.

As an individual

David is a lefty, Airstream enthusiast, taco or whole-fish lover, jokester guru, former gangster rapper, and that guy who takes nothing too seriously – except visual storytelling.